Special arrangements for COVID-19
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All valid ACC scans are FREE* (*Surcharge for ultrasound guided injection. Surcharge for patients from outside the Nelson-Tasman region -$20. Post operative scans $20)

Maternity - Non New Zealand Resident                  $180.00.    MoH maternity scans for non- Nelson-Tasman/Marlborough/Buller region clients: $60 

Maternity scans

Early pregnancy/12 week scan- $20 

(Early pregnancy/12 week scans FREE to Koru clients with Community Service Card).  

20 week/growth scan - $60. (no CSC discount)


Abdomen (Gallbladder/ Upper abdomen)               $220.00

Abdomen & Pelvis                                                  $250.00

Pelvis - Trans-abdominal and/or Trans-vaginal      $200.00

Aortic Surveillance and Renal length                     $220.00

Renal Tracts / Prostate                                            $220.00         

Thyroid/Salivary Glands/Neck                               $200.00

Testes                                                                      $220.00

Breast -Unilateral                                                    $250.00

Breast -Bilateral                                                      $400.00

Breast Scans for Community Services Card Holders - Unilateral - $160;  Bilateral - $250

Ankle/Wrist/Knee/Elbow/Hip                                 $200.00

Achilles/Hernia/Calf/Hamstring/Groin                   $200.00

Lumps and Bumps                                                  $180.00

Foreign Body Localisation                                     $150.00

Shoulder                                                                 $250.00

Carotid Arteries-Bilateral                                       $400.00

Deep Vein Thrombosis (Unilateral Leg)                $220.00

Guided Injections ACC clients:                          $180 surcharge*

Private clients ultrasound scan and guided injection combined: $500

Private clients guided injection only:                   $250.00;   Koru Ultrasound is an affiliated provider to Southern Cross Health Society 

(*ACC clients are exempt from surcharge if they hold a valid Community Services Card and had their diagnostic ultrasound scan at Koru.)

 Follicle Tracking                                                $140 per scan


 Prices at January 2019 and liable to change.  Please contact us for additional information or assistance.