Ultrasound Guided Steroid Injections

You may be offered an ultrasound guided cortisone injection following your scan - depending on the diagnosis. You will be asked to lie down on an ultrasound couch in the scan room for the injection, which will be performed by a specially trained GP and guided by an ultrasound specialist using sterile techniques. The sensation is often described as similar to a bee sting. A local anaesthetic is injected with the steroid so the pain subsides quickly. This procedure takes about 10 minutes.


 $180 surcharge for ACC patients who have had their initial scan at Koru.  (Private patients - please consult the clinic on 03 541 0050)

Koru ACC patients with a valid  Community Services Card  - FREE


Injecting cortisone (anti-inflammatory) to the site of inflammation can get you pain-free sooner. With ultrasound guidance of the needle we can ensure it is going to exactly the right place where it is needed most.

After your injection:

After your injection you may experience numbness around the site for 1-2 hours, and a feeling of heaviness. Results are not immediate it can take between 24 hours and 3 days for the injection to be effective.

It may be preferable to have someone drive you home after your injection. (Possible side effects may include numbness at the site of the injection and a hot flush lasting a few hours).

After your injection you are advised to rest your arm for 6 hours and limit the use of your arm for 1-3 days.